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UCLA Student Health Education and Promotion (SHEP)

Stress is something we all experience. But stress isn’t entirely negative. In fact, in small doses, stress can be good, as it provides a stimulates for us to accomplish something. Most often the “stress” we hear about in our culture is referring to chronic, unmanaged stress, which does have negative health impacts. With the right skillset, chronic stress can be minimized and managed.

There are different types of stress, and identifying stressors is the first step in management. We all experience both internal and external stress. Internal stress is something that likely only you are aware of. For example, negative self-talk, unrealistic expectations, and ridged thinking could be considered internal stressors. External stressors on the other hand are things like major life changes, financial problems, relationships, family, work, or school. What are your stressors?

You can drop by Resilience In Your Student Experience (RISE) to learn about tools and workshops to manage stress.