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UCLA Student Health Education and Promotion (SHEP)
Bruin Josie

Associate Director

Rena is an Associate Director of SHEP. She has worked in the health promotion field for over 35 years, including the past two decades in various iterations of the SHEP unit. She earned a B.S. in the Health Sciences from Cal State University, Northridge, and an M.P.H. in Community Health Sciences from UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. Rena facilitates the Wellness on Campus and Drug-Free Schools Committees and serves as a member on additional committees, including Healthy Campus Initiative’s “Mind Well,” Residential Life Safety and Security, International Student Wellness, and more. Currently, she co-chairs a U.C. system-wide committee of health promotion directors. Rena’s areas of SHEP work include the Life Skills course program, alcohol harm reduction education, student peer health education training, on- and off-campus professional collaborations, and general campus health promotion programming. In addition to the span of topics related to student well-being and healthy development, her interests in public health range widely and include issues related to women’s health, international health, the environment, and emotional well-being, as well as disparities in and access to health care.

Committees: Wellness on Campus; Healthy Campus Initiative MindWell and BreatheWell pods; Residential Life Safety and Security, International Student Wellness, UCOP Health Education and Promotion Director’s Committee